Duncan Mitchell

Global Decarbonization Business Leader

Expert in: Plotting Paths and Managing Journeys Across Complex Industry Transitions

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About Duncan

Decarbonization and the energy transition have become the defining issues for the industries we serve and will remain so for a generation or more. There’s no place I’d rather be, nor compelling cause I’d rather spend my time on than leading the drive to understand what mankind needs from the suppliers of its energy and the consequences of supplying it.

KBC has been helping its clients improve energy efficiencies through a variety of disciplines from Best Technology benchmarking, pinch technology and energy modelling for over 40 years. Whereas in the past, our clients were motivated by cost reduction, business performance and best practice attainment, they can use those same techniques to the same ends but in pursuit of Scope 1 and 2 emissions reductions. Reviewing all the energy work we have completed over those years we conservatively estimate our clients have avoided emitting over 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by using energy more efficiently – that’s the equivalent of eliminating the emissions of a country the size of Australia for a whole year. But while that’s a great achievement, there’s a long way to go. Still I know our techniques and tools can help our clients make major gains in reducing their Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions and achieving their Net Zero goals.

I’m most proud of how we’ve developed new insights by adapting existing tools to drive better solutions to tough business issues but then, we’ve been pragmatic enough to know the real success is in the implementation of the solutions and not the development of the tools themselves. By illustration, I care less for the human who invented the wheel than I do for the person who figured out that if you had two of them attached to a stick, mounted sustainably below a platform, then you could easily move heavy loads over rough ground and long distances.

When I'm not helping to save the Planet, I write and perform slam poetry and I’m a lifelong Everton football club supporter.