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Curbing Emissions Flow Assurance Models Unlock the Power of CCUS

May 09, 2023
Written by Alessandro Speranza and Michelle Wicmandy

Find out how carbon capture and storage (CCS) can play a key role on your path to net zero and how Multiflash can help you discover the accuracy of your thermodynamic models for CCUS applications.

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Industrial Gas Leaders PACE Up Performance and Decarbonization Efforts

Apr 13, 2023
Written by Fady Kantara

Advanced process control solutions boost manufacturing efficiency by making more with less energy.

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Multivariable Process Control Forges Path Toward Decarbonization

Apr 04, 2023
Written by Brian Burgio

The 3 ways Multivariable Process Control (MPC) software enables refineries and petrochemical plants to drive processes to their optimum operating point while helping to reduce energy consumption and still meet product demand.

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PACE Economic Functions for Optimal Control

Mar 21, 2023
Written by Yong Yiu

Advanced control and estimation software includes economic functions which can be prioritized and can help define a controller’s optimization.

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Driving Change Management

Mar 08, 2023
Written by Claire Bogle

Celebrating International Women's Day 2023, we speak to Elena Cano about her career as a consultant.

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An Open Door Where You Least Expect It

Mar 08, 2023
Written by Claire Bogle

Celebrating International Women's Day 2023, we chat to Lisa Halford about her journey to heading up global payroll at KBC.

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How AI-driven Model Maintenance Brings a New Era to Process Simulation

Sep 14, 2022
Written by Raquel Neiva and Michelle Wicmandy

Understand the ​five benefits of an AI-driven automated model maintenance solution.

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Process Digital Twin Reduces Combustion Emissions While Lifting Profits

Mar 10, 2022
Written by Rodolfo Tellez-Schmill, Ph.D. and Ghoncheh Rasouli, Ph.D.

Managing combustion emissions is necessary to create an eco-friendly environment. This blog reveals how operators can use Petro-SIM digital twins for either specific equipment or an entire processing facility to compare emissions results against regulatory compliance standards.

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Celebrating Women Aiming to Mitigate Climate Change Build a More Sustainable Future

Mar 08, 2022
Written by Michelle Wicmandy

On March 8, 2022, KBC celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) to recognize the contributions of women. Under this year's theme of "Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow," KBC will shine the spotlight on four of its trailblazing women who aim to help mitigate climate change and build a more sustainable future.

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Multiflash 7.2 Simulator Helps Maximize Production and Work Processes

Dec 15, 2021
Written by Alessandro Speranza, Product Champion PVT Technology

Multiflash 7.2 is the next generation tool to enhance and simplify workflows for production and flow assurance engineers.

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How Advanced Process Control Technology Reduces Octane Giveaway

Sep 30, 2021
Written by Mohamed Abokor, Shell Oil

For Shell Deer Park refinery, teaming an online analyzer with next-generation Advanced Process Control (APC) markedly trims reformer output variability.

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KBC on Digital Transformation: If You Haven't Started, Get Started

Mar 04, 2021
Written by Jason Durst, Global Technology Business Leader

Jason Durst, Global Technology Business Leader, tells us what it takes for a successful digital transformation.