Digital Transformation to Deliver Oil and Gas 4.0

Maximum value capture from Digital Transformation requires re-thinking the business model, organizational capability, and underlying technology.  We use a holistic approach to understand the asset, the required technology infrastructure, and the operating model to ensure your company has the capabilities in place for Oil and Gas 4.0.  Value creation in Oil and Gas is at the frontline of operations and requires the expertise to ensure safe and reliable operations.  KBC's capabilities are focused on the production core functions and drives the delivery of IT/OT integration, defining new ways of working, and competency-based operations readiness.  

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Maximum Value Capture from Digital Transformation

Our experience with clients looking to achieve full value of their digital transformation initiatives requires a review of the entire business model from operations frontline to corporate management and decision making.   To be successful, requires a solution provider that knows the inherent risk of operations and understands the challenges in achieving lasting change.  KBC’s capabilities range the full spectrum of solutions from point solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your work force to full re-design of the business model underpinned by the right automation and new ways of working.  We work with our clients to ensure the business case for investment is aligned to the strategic objectives of the company and will achieve promised returns.

Digital transformation holistic approach diagram

A Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation

For Digital Transformation, KBC teams with our parent company to review the business needs to drive to a level of highest automation with minimal manning and delivering safer, more reliable and more profitable operations.  We ensure the technology and asset infrastructure is in place to minimize human intervention.  For example, many clients are using automation, operations surveillance technologies, and robots and drones to minimize the need for field operations.  When deployed, the more predictive and reliable operations allows the merging the field operator position with preventative maintenance teams and first responders.  98% of maintenance activities are planned and executed during periodic campaigns.  The merging of the field positions, requires a new management structure and leaner business model.

The Digital Transformation Solution Set

Transforming Existing Assets

Economic driver based business case for upgrading brownfield operating assets and managing the organizational change journey.

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Greenfield and New Start-up Businesses

Design for full automation with latest technologies to future proof your business model.

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Value Creation

Trading CapEx for lower and more predictable OpEx to achieve the lowest cost of production.

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Total Solution Provider

Full integration delivery of business model, new capabilities and automation from one company.

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Shane Fitzsimmons

Principal Consultant

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"Digital transformation is the means to future-proof your business model for the next generation workforce.  Post-COVID, remote working has become acceptable. In addition, proven technologies in other industries, particularly in offshore production facilities, enable the rethinking of onshore downstream operations. It is an exciting time to integrate strategy and organization, technical operations, and advanced and emerging technologies to modernize and remake the Oil and Gas industry."

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