KBC Conferences & Events

KBC Conferences and Events

Where knowledge, business and connections come together.


Our events provide family offices, HNWIs and investment professionals with a unique and private platform for peer-to-peer networking, sharing, and learning opportunities. We create a highly informative environment by inviting and researching with Single and Multi-Family Offices, HNWIs, leading financial institutions and advisory firms. 

After months of thorough research only the most crucial, pertinent, and timely topics make it onto our agenda, which puts knowledge into action and creates a stimulating environment where our participants can understand and learn by example or experience, a key element for growth. We wholeheartedly subscribe to the Latin phrase “scientia potential est” or “knowledge is power”.


As quality is paramount, we deliver a detail-oriented service to create a no pitch environment where HNWIs, family principals, thought leaders, industry experts and academics enjoy networking and discuss trends, outlooks, opportunities, and challenges in formal as well as informal environments. 


We rely on the company of others to keep sharp. At our events you will find a mix of discussion and networking formats, which help foster and strengthen valuable business relationships opportunities and sometimes even friendships for life.

KBC Conferences is on a mission to build a sustainable event future where you can attend an event without having to think about the environmental costs. While online events produce 66 times fewer emissions than if they were held physically, it doesn’t mean 100% sustainable. 

To offset the consumption of energy we need to hold our event, we are committing to plant a tree on your behalf for every registration we receive.